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Getting Pasta Made of Sacred Grains

June 13, 2010
From Better Bulk Specials

Better Bulk just recently ordered some spaghetti and other pastas from GoGoQuinoa by request of a customer. In fact, I’d never even heard of GoGoQuinoa until I had asked Eric and Bryan, “What’s new?” (seems to be the question I’m asking a lot when I walk in). After doing some research I found the following on their Web site:

GoGoQuinoa offers a wide range of Organic, Gluten free and Fair Tradeproducts made from the royal quinoa and amaranth grain that are manufactured in Bolivia. Our product line consists of Amaranth grain and flakes, royal Quinoa grain, Quinoa pasta, Quinoa flakes, Quinoa cereal and more. These gluten free foods offer a good and nutritional alternative to rice and wheat based products. (via GoGoQuinoa)

I like the fact that Eric and Bryan have chosen a company with morals — both organic and fair trade. Quinoa and amaranth (callaloo) can be grown locally in Ontario though I hear it can be difficult. Quinoa generally grows best in mountainous regions like the Andes.

From Better Bulk Specials

Leave it to Eric and Bryan to seek out some of the unique or up and coming organic, gluten or wheat free products out there.


Quinoa – Wikipedia
All About Quinoa
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