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On The Importance of Organic

January 23, 2012

We have a lot of products in our store: some organic, some not. For some, (myself included), cost often determines which one we buy. After all, we’ve lived with non-organic food for years . . . how much of a difference is there really?

 The other day, I came across a video that explains the difference so simply that even a child could understand. In fact, the video was created by a child explaining her science project on the importance of organic. You can watch the video here


Basically, Elise set out to sprout some vines on a sweet potato. The potato she picked up at her local grocer didn’t sprout after a month in water. She asked at the produce department if they knew why. It turns out that many of our vegetables are sprayed with a chemical called “Bud Nip” or “chlorpropham”. (The list also includes lima beans, blueberries, carrots, cranberries,  garlic, onions, spinach, soybeans and tomatoes). Bud Nip has been linked to tumor growth in animals, and cannot be washed off . . . it seeps through the entire vegetable.

Since watching this (adorable) video, I’ve been switching to organic as often as possible (without breaking the bank). Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find an organic sweet potato in the neighborhood, so I’ve asked the guys to look into adding them to our produce repertoire.

Come in and check out what produce we have in stock. All of our fresh fruits and vegetables are organic and, whenever possible, grown close to home.

As always, thanks for dropping by! ~K


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