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If You Care . . .

February 3, 2012

That sounds like a mildly manipulative post title, but fear not! “If You Care” is a new line of environmentally friendly kitchen and household products that we’re stocking amid the bulk.

If You Care is committed to protecting the environment by producing high-quality alternatives to conventional kitchen and household products. The materials we use are specially chosen to reduce their impact on our environment. We use unbleached paper, recycled materials and wood and paper coming from sustainably managed forests. We replace petroleum based ingredients with natural and renewable resources. We use paper from pulp and paper mills practicing the highest levels of clean water management. Every care is taken to ensure that each step– from factory to store shelf – conforms to strict standards for the conservation and protection of our greatest asset – the environment.

Even the packaging is recyclable, uses non-toxic glue, and is printed with vegetable-based inks. It is also specially designed to be as minimally wasteful as possible. All of the If You Care products that we currently stock are gluten and allergen free, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Many are kosher, as well. 

The beauty of these products is, by being environmentally friendly, they’re also a lot more human-friendly than their conventional counterparts. Natural fibres and bleach-free materials mean that these products are a lot safer and healthier for the whole family. Here’s an overview of our new inventory of products:

100% Recycled Aluminum Foil – can be recycled over and over, and protects food from  light, oxygen, humidity and bacteria

Parchment Baking Paper – FSC Certified unbleached paper, totally chlorine-free, excellent for baking and cooking

Coffee Filters (Basket and Cone, 3 Sizes) – unbleached paper, totally chlorine-free

Cheesecloth – unbleached cotton, no added chlorine, no toxins, all-natural, no artificial fibers, reusable, and naturally biodegradable

Twine – unbleached cotton, no added chlorine, no toxins, all-natural, no artificial fibres

Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags – unbleached, greaseproof paper, totally chlorine-free, not chemically treated, 100% renewable resources, no petroleum products.

Come be among the first to test out this fantastic new (to us) line of products and let us know how they work for you, if you care . . .

*UPDATE*: We now carry Unbleached TCF Large Baking Cups and All Natural Waxed Paper, as well

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