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Strolling Down Nature’s Path

February 24, 2012

Over the past little while, we’ve been introducing you to the companies behind the products you love. Today, in honor of this week’s big cereal sale, I thought I’d tell you a bit about Nature’s Path. Quite frankly, I learned a lot about them myself today.

Pretty much all I knew about Nature’s Path was that they make cereals out of great ingredients with cute names like “Mesa Sunrise” and “Gorilla Munch”. Many of their cereals are gluten-free, and all of them use “real food” ingredients without preservatives or artificial colors and flavors.

Beyond that, I was stumped. I found their website and learned SO much more. I’ll start you off with their “vision”:

To be a trusted name for quality organic foods in every home; socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and financially viable.

Arran Stephens, Founder

As far as I can tell, they’re living up to their goal. In 2009, they were named one of  “Canada’s Greenest Employers”. That’s right. They’re Canadian, too.

In the 1930s, Grandpa Rupert Stephens was considered an “unconventional” farmer, using sawdust as mulch for his crops. In 1949, he and his wife purchased Goldstream Berry Farm on Vancouver Island, where their son, company founder Arran Stephens was born. The headquarters of today sit on that very spot.

There are many fantastic environmental initiatives that the company has taken including zero waste and carbon reduction goals, sustainability training, on site organic garden, and its EnviroKidz program, where “one per cent of the sales from this product line are donated to organizations that support species and habitat conservation”

Not only is the company great, its products are great, too. They’re all certified organic and made with the best ingredients.
Their “Heritage O’s” look like their big-name counterpart, but the ingredients do not: Whole oat flour*, whole wheat meal*, Kamut Khorasan wheat flour* (a higher grade, more easily digested wheat), granulated sugar cane juice*, spelt flour*, barley flour*, barley malt extract*, quinoa flour*, millet flour*, sea salt (contains iodine, which is important for thyroid function), and honey*. (*organic)
Having such a wide variety of whole grains is a great goal to have over an entire day, let alone in one breakfast. Come on in and give one a try!
Current stock includes: Millet Rice, Mesa Sunrise, Heritage O’s, Heritage Flakes, Crispy Rice, Corn Flakes, Corn Puffs, Millet Puffs, Rice Puffs, Kamut Puffs,  Hemp Plus Granola, Flax Plus Granola, and the EnviroKidz line: Peanut Butter Panda Puffs, Gorilla Munch, and Koala Crisp.
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