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An Organic Experiment: When a Tomato Stops Being A Tomato

February 28, 2012

I don’t know about you, but ever since watching the video on sweet potatoes and “Bud Nip”, I’ve really been paying attention to which foods I buy organic. Tomatoes were one of the products listed on the “Bud Nip” list, so I made the switch. It amazed me how much more quickly they start to rot, but I didn’t realize just how much more until today.

Our friend Sarah brought by a tomato she bought one day at ANOTHER grocery store (we’ll forgive her, since we don’t carry tomatoes . . . yet). It wasn’t organic, and she forgot about it for a while. This is what it looks like today:

It’s still reasonably firm, with no smell. That tomato is probably 2, 2 and a half weeks old, right? Wrong. It was purchased January 7th, making it nearly 8 weeks old at the time of this post, not taking into account its trip from Mexico. It also claims to be “Pesticide Free”, yet that can’t be the only chemical we have to worry about if a 2+ month old tomato looks like that.


Seeing the “live show” of this organic experiment definitely makes you think. If the chemicals can keep that tomato going long after it should have rotted away, what will they do inside the human body? Not sure I want to find out.

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