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Secret Spring Sale for the Tech-Savvy

March 12, 2012

Since the weather is warming up, we figured it was time for a spring promotion for those of you who have followed us loyally through the cold (if not as cold as usual) winter.

Warm weather seems to be synonymous these days with BBQ season. Whether you eat meat or not, nothing beats a burger/veggie burger/almond grain burger thrown on a grill. I’m told there are those of you out there who enjoy steak and the like, as well.

Well, for you we have a special promotion on our Bandito’s BBQ and Steak sauces. They’re all-natural, and the BBQ sauces come in flavors like Chipotle, Honey Garlic, and Smokin’ Hot. Perfect for slathering on your favorite meat, or meat-like substance.

So what’s the promotion, you ask? Well, I assume you’d ask, so I’ll tell you. If you come in and mention that you read this post OR, since it’s Bandito’s sauces, do a Mexican Hat Dance for me, you’ll receive 25% off each bottle you purchase. I would very much enjoy the latter option. Some people had their children do their dirty work for them last contest, forcing sweet, angelic tykes to tell me “Eric smells”, so I will also accept a pint-sized hat dance. Happy Spring!

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