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Art of the Danforth

June 1, 2012

If you’ve been hanging around the Danforth between Greenwood and Cedarvale lately, you’ll probably have noticed a few changes made. From May 20-June 10, Art of the Danforth is taking over our area, featuring everything from a 10-minute paint fight to a timeline painted on the sidewalk highlighting the history of the current businesses.

If you venture inside the businesses on the street, say, like your favorite health/bulk food store, you’ll find yourself in a mini-museum. At Better Bulk, we are proud to feature the art of Audrey Cooper.

Audrey is a self-taught artist whose unique style reflects her memories of growing up as a child on the Danforth.

Come by and check out Audrey’s work on our walls. If you think it would look good on your walls, let us know and we’ll help arrange a sale! Whatever you do, be sure to take a stroll around our end of town and check out how truly awesome and artistic our neighborhood is.

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