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Did You Know?: Seaweed

July 6, 2012

Most of us don’t consume much seaweed, apart from the bit wrapped around the odd sushi roll, or briefly each day when we accidentally swallow some toothpaste (kelp is used as a thickening agent). It’s not a big part of the Western diet, but did you know it is actually one of the healthiest foods in the world?

  • Seaweed has nearly every vitamin and mineral, some of which are hard to get from any other food source
  • It is an excellent source of iodine, which is an important element in healing, as well as in maintaining a well-tuned metabolism
  • It is also a good source of alkali, which we learned about in my last post. Basically, it’s important for keeping the body’s PH in balance
  • As one of the best sources of vitamin K, seaweed helps with blood clotting, and reduces your risk for osteoporosis
  • Also a great source of folate, magnesium, and calcium, in addition to many other vitamins and minerals

We carry 2 kinds of Nori, and Arame

Not too fond of the taste of seaweed, but don’t want to miss out on the health benefits? Try putting a few pieces in the water when you make your quinoa, rice, or other grains. The grains will be infused with the minerals and other good stuff, without that seaweed-y taste. Then you can simply pick out the pieces after cooking and you’re set! This also works for soups, broths, etc.

Happy kelp-ing!

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  1. justina permalink
    July 6, 2012 6:06 pm

    YAY!!!!!!!! This is cool.

    Seaweed is yummy!!!! Especially the salty, crunchy kind.

    Any recipes anyone have to share ? (I’ve never cooked with it before)

    • July 6, 2012 6:09 pm

      According to the back of the nori packs, you can toast it by passing it over a burner until it becomes crisp . . . and then eat seaweed chips!

  2. July 6, 2012 6:29 pm

    Thanks for sharing. I actually really like it, but it just kind of falls off my radar. Thanks for the nudge!


  1. Seaweed Chicken Tutorial and Recipe | LIVE GREAT FOOD BLOG

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