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On The Sunny Side Of The Street

December 13, 2012

We survived the move, and we’re loving our new home at 2044 Danforth. So much more space!

If you were around the Danforth and Woodbine area around the first of the month, you may have seen us wrestling fridges and freezers across the street, trying not to get hit. (And a big thank you to all the cars that did NOT hit us).

A whole lot of packing, cleaning, unpacking, and organizing later, we’re in our new space! There are lots of new products lining the shelves, and while our stock is still working its way out of boxes, back onto the floor, we’ll do our best to help you find whatever you’re looking for.



Thanks to our friends at Silly Goose Kids for the photo collage


Thank you to everyone who has offered support and encouragement over the past few weeks. We’ve had some wonderful customers helping us show off our space by filming their Better Bulk Happy Dances. Check them out on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to “Like” us while you’re there!


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